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July 2020 Fly Fishing Forecast

July 2020 Fly Fishing Forecast

July Fly Fishing Overview

July in Montana is always a favorite for fly fishing anglers, and July 2020 stands to be great one. Flows are shaping up well for excellent fly fishing daily on the rivers near Bozeman, MT as well as the Missouri River near Craig, MT. The salmonfly hatch has already kicked off on the Madison River and Yellowstone River, and the action looks to only improve through the first 10 days of July. Our Montana fly fishing guides are looking forward to great trips with anglers throughout the month.

July is freestone season in Montana. The Yellowstone River, Madison River, Jefferson River, Boulder River, Stillwater River, Gallatin River, and the many streams of Yellowstone National Park are all on the menu for anglers in Bozeman, MT on a daily basis. Strong hatches of stoneflies, caddisflies, and mayflies, as well as terrestrials by the end of the month, make July one of the premier months for dry fly fishing in Montana.

Higher than average flows on the Missouri River are set to come down by early-mid month, and when they do anglers can expect an extended dry fly season, with PMDs and caddisflies quickly transitioning to tricos, hoppers, and ants. Our fly fishing guides expect the fly fishing to remain great on the Missouri River through the end of the month, into August, and beyond in 2020.

July is the best month for hitting the road and exploring all of Montana’s great rivers. On a 7-day Montana fly fishing trip, anglers could expect to never fish the same body of water twice, and enjoy excellent fly fishing daily. Float fishing trips and wade fishing trips are both productive, with the widest diversity and destinations centered around Bozeman, MT.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of anglers during this crazy year, guide availability is limited for July. While there is still time to book a Montana fly fishing trip in July for 2020, anglers interested are encouraged to contact our outfitter today. See you on the water soon!

June 2020 Fly Fishing Forecast

June 2020 Fly Fishing Forecast

June Fly Fishing Overview

There is a lot to look forward to for anglers fly fishing in Montana in June 2020. Starting 6/1/2020 Montana is officially open to out-of-state travelers, which means anglers from all over will once again be able to enjoy fly fishing in the Big Sky State. Summer weather is also in the near-term forecast along with the first great summer hatches of caddisflies and Pale Morning Dun (PMD) mayflies that come with it. Put up your waders, grab your flip-flops and fly rods, and let’s go fishing.

Since the announcement of the re-opening of Montana for June we have been steadily busy booking Montana fly fishing trips for the summer and fall months. Our Montana fly fishing guides are looking forward to sharing great days on the rivers of Montana with our anglers safely and responsibly this season. Prime dates for June and July are just about re-booked back up and it is shaping up to be a great fall season. Our outfitter handles all bookings personally and is always available to talk fly fishing in Montana. Contact us today to book your 2020 Montana fly fishing trip.

We are looking to June 2020 as a fresh start. With the turmoil of the last few months behind us we will be on the water looking forward to reconnecting with life through fly fishing and the outdoors. There will also be plenty of lines connecting with trout too.

June is a favorite month for dry fly fishing in Montana. Flows are shaping up to be perfect for great hatches of caddisflies and PMDs on the Missouri River, which makes for some of the best sight fishing for trophy trout of the season. We are guessing the bugs will come sooner rather than later this year as summer weather has already arrived. Anglers with trips planned from June 10-30 should be right in the thick of it this year.

The annual salmonfly hatch is the main event for our anglers and fly fishing guides in Bozeman, MT the second half of June. When will the big bugs hatch on the Madison and Yellowstone Rivers? Still too early to call but runoff is well underway and we are hoping for bugs flying and trout rising by the 22nd of June on the Madison River and by the 28th of June on the Yellowstone River.

In the near-near term nymphing will continue to be king on the Missouri River. We have had guided trips out daily now for the better part of the last few weeks with anglers enjoying quality fly fishing with our guides on a daily basis. Sowbugs have been the top producing nymph on the upper river with good results on larger attractor flies including annelids and crayfish further downstream. The Dearborn River has been all over the map with flows but things are looking to stabilize moving forward and we expecting great fishing from Holter Dam all the way down to Cascade, MT in the coming weeks.

The entrances to Yellowstone National Park in Montana are set to open in June, and the fly fishing season will be in full swing on the Firehole River, Gibbon River, and Madison River when they do. These rivers make for the best most productive fly fishing for anglers looking to wade fish near Bozeman, MT until run-off subsides. You also cannot find a more picturesque destination to catch a wild trout than the Firehole River in early June. Strong hatches of caddisflies and PMDs make for exciting days of dry fly fishing to eager trout throughout the month.

Good hatches and good weather make for easy living and some of the best fly fishing of the year in Montana in June. Our Montana fly fishing guides are beyond thankful for the support from local anglers over the past month and extremely thankful for our anglers that have remained flexible and held onto trip dates for June, in spite of so much uncertainty. These anglers are set to reap the rewards of uncrowded rivers, quality dry fly fishing, and memorable days on the water on their Montana fly fishing trips in June 2020. Fish on!

April 2020 Montana Fly Fishing Forecast

April 2020 Montana Fly Fishing Forecast

April 2020 Fly Fishing Overview

A lot of uncertainty in the air as we move into April 2020. Our thoughts go out to everyone during these hard times. We are hoping recently put into place shelter in place orders are able to bring about positive change in the near future and we are all able to get back to living soon. Be well and stay safe.

Our guided fly fishing trips are on hold until at least 4/10/2020 when the Montana shelter in place and closure of non-essential business directive expires. We are still open and available to book trips and talk fishing. In the meantime, local anglers will still be able to get out and enjoy some great fly fishing. We would encourage all anglers to exercise caution and follow all CDC and State guidelines if they do choose to go outside.

Things we can count on in April: strong hatches of Blue Winged Olives (BWOs), solitude on the water, and quality dry fly fishing throughout April on our rivers in Bozeman, MT. The BWO hatch is the kick-off to the Montana spring fly fishing season. Anglers will find plenty of rising fish on the Yellowstone River, Madison River, and Missouri River throughout the month on a daily basis. Calm and overcast days will make for the best fishing. April fly fishing can be as good as it gets, but it’s good time of year to be the last one on the water. Have that extra cup of coffee, get out late, and stay out late.

Skwala stoneflies will also be on the menu through the month of April. Anglers that know when and where to look for them will be rewarded. By the end of the month we can expect the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch to kick off on the Madison River.

Nymphing will remain the most productive tactic most mornings. Streamer fishing will improve as water temps rise throughout the month. Dry fly and dry-dropper fishing will make for some exciting afternoons.

Our Spring Guide Trip Specials run through the month of April. It is anyone’s guess at this point if we will be back in business before the end of the month. If we are, we look forward to some great days on the water with our anglers. If not, then we will hope to see everyone in May. We are all in this together: stay local, stay apart, stay safe, and we will all be back on the water soon.

March 2020 Montana Fly Fishing Forecast

March 2020 Montana Fly Fishing Forecast

March 2020 Fly Fishing Overview

Spring seems to be right around the corner in Bozeman, MT and it is shaping up to be an excellent March for fly fishing in Montana. Winter 2020 has been snowy but mild, leaving most of our rivers open to fly fishing throughout the past few months and setting things up nicely for both float and wade fishing trips in March. Our Montana fly fishing guides couldn’t be more excited to get back out on the water with anglers this March and will be spending the next week excavating drift boats from snow drifts, rigging up new gear, and tying the last of their winter flies all in preparation for the beginning of another great Montana fly fishing season.

March fly fishing in Montana is all about the experience. While early season conditions often present themselves and anglers should expect to fish in any and all conditions, there is a certain allure to early season fly fishing. Our rivers are quiet, mountain peaks still covered in snow, and anglers can find true solitude.

Looking at the Montana Snowpack report, pictured above, all of our river basins are just at or above average. A lot can change over the next few months, but as it stands now we are looking forward to another great season with cold water and good flows on all of our Montana fly fishing rivers.


March 2020 Fly Fishing Trips

Anglers joining us on trips this March have a lot to look forward to. Thanks to a mild winter, float trips on the Yellowstone River, Madison River, and the Missouri River will be good to go right out of the gate this year. Most floats will be available and we look forward to some excellent early spring midge hatches this year, which should make for some good dry fly fishing. The streamer fishing on the Yellowstone River is usually solid in March, and we expect 2020 to be no different.

Wade fishing trips on the Gallatin River and the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks will be the main focus throughout the month for our guides and anglers as they offer some of the best fly fishing of the year. Low flows on the Gallatin River make for great access, easy wading, and productive fly fishing close to Bozeman. Consistent water temperature on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks and a large seasonal influx of trout that migrate from the Yellowstone River make them a great choice for anglers interested in a truly unique fly fishing experience.

Our Winter Trip Specials run through the end of March. Same great fly fishing, with the same great guides, and all at a really great rate. We would encourage all anglers interested in Montana fly fishing trips in March and beyond to contact us today to learn more and to book your next Montana fly fishing adventure.

November 2019 Montana Fly Fishing Forecast

November 2019 Montana Fly Fishing Forecast

November Fly Fishing Overview

The winds of winter are in the air as we move into the home stretch of the 2019 Montana fly fishing season. And what a season it has been. Our anglers have enjoyed some of the best dry fly fishing in recent memory on their Montana fly fishing trips. Our Montana fly fishing guides enjoyed a great season filled with time spent on the water with so many great people. We are looking to closing our season out strong with a great end-of October and November.

It has been a cold and snowy Fall so far in Montana. While it has made for generally favorable conditions for great hatches of BWOs and a good streamer bite, we did miss the normal Fall weather this year. Very few days that were sunny and 60 degrees. But that is just how it goes in Montana. Some years you get fall, some years you get a late summer, this year we got winter. Will the trend of cooler temps and snow continue into November? Who knows! But our guides are prepared for whatever lays in store and excited to share our love for fly fishing in Montana with anglers, regardless of conditions.

As for the fly fishing, anglers can expect good fishing on most of our area rivers through the end of the month. For years, we have had a big group of anglers that fish over Thanksgiving week. We have fished all over the state and seen every condition imaginable. One common thread: lots of fun regardless.

November 2019 Fly Fishing Trips

Our guides will be found spending most of their time on the Missouri River, the Yellowstone River, and the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks through the month of October. These fisheries are generally the most reliable late season options. Hatches of BWOs and Midges will remain strong through the early part of the month, but taper off if temperatures drop. Last year we enjoyed great dry fly fishing on Thanksgiving day on the Missouri River on a cold but calm and sunny day. Looking forward to more of the same this year.

Anglers looking for targeting trophy trout on our rivers will find streamer fishing to be the best bet through the month of November. This means giving up quantity of fish, in favor of quality of fish. Streamer anglers wanting to net the largest of Montana brown trout have to be willing to commit to long days, filled with lots of casting, and through all conditions.

What to Expect in November

We are often asked by anglers if November is a good month to fly fish in Montana. Our answer? For the right angler absolutely. Anglers can count on empty rivers, a good bite, and fun days on the water. Are there the best hatches, catch rates, or conditions we get? Nope. Hatches are often unpredictable, catch rates aren’t nearly as high as the spring and summer months, and conditions are often tough. But there may very well be no better time for anglers that appreciate the little things: hard fighting trout, incredible scenery, complete solitude, and the hunt for wild trout.

If you are interested in a November fly fishing trip to Montana, give us a shout anytime to talk fishing. Bookings are also starting to roll in for 2020, if you have dates in mind or want to try and hit the best hatches, contact us today to plan your next Montana fly fishing trip with the Montana Angling Company. See you on the water soon!

October 2019 Montana Fly Fishing Forecast

October 2019 Montana Fly Fishing Forecast

It’s going to be a good one folks. Looking forward into October our Montana fly fishing guides are excited for what’s to come. We have had a taste of winter with all-time early season snow storms moving through Montana, but looks like classic fall weather will be back this week and the trout will be on the feed.

Fly fishing was great across all of our area waters through the end of September with BWOs hatching on the Missouri River, Yellowstone River, and Madison River daily as well as some of the best streamer fishing in recent memory. Look for all of this to only improve as we move through the month. We found whole banks boiling with rising fish during this last cold spell and expecting this to become a regular event in the weeks to come.

We often get asked: where is the best place to fly fish in Montana in October? The answer really is there is no wrong answer. Weather permitting anglers can expect a solid bite, great scenery, and strong hatches all throughout our region. For true solitude we recommend the waters around Bozeman, MT. For the best catching there is nowhere better to be than the Missouri River.

For anglers interested in targeting the biggest and baddest of Montana brown trout, October is one of our favorite months for fly fishing with streamers in pursuit of trophy trout. Anglers can expect to fish hard but be rewarded with quality fish. Our guides always recommend hitting the water early for the best streamer bite as the action generally tapers off as bugs (BWOs, caddis, etc.) begin to hatch. We often have to spend the afternoons sight fishing to rising fish. Tough problem to have!

Looking at our guide calendar we do have some availability in October for 2019 but many of our guides are just about booked up. If you are interested in an October fly fishing trip, contact us and we would be happy to answer any and all questions. See you on the water!