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Montana Fly Fishing Skills: Learn How to Cast a Fly Rod
Montana Fly Fishing Skills: Learn How to Cast a Fly Rod

Teaching anglers how to cast a fly rod and cast it well is something our Montana fly fishing guides do on a daily basis. Sometimes we work with seasoned anglers to polish up their stroke but many times we are starting from scratch and teach novice anglers who have never picked up a fly rod the basics. From our experience teaching hundreds of anglers the fundamentals of the cast, we have found a way to break it up into 3 basic steps. These steps are geared primarily toward casting a fly rod with a single dry fly, out of a drift boat, for wild Montana trout as we do so often, but is applicable across the whole wide world of fly fishing.

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Top 5 Reasons for Fly Fishing with Barbless Hooks
Top 5 Reasons for Fly Fishing with Barbless Hooks

To pinch the barb or not to pinch the barb? This is a question every fly fishing angler faces each and every time they go fishing. Most hooks on commercially available flies come with barb in tact. Some newer flies, inspired by euro-style nymphs, are available on high quality barbless hooks. Many of the fly tyers among us pinch the barb as soon as the hook goes into the vice. But for most of us, hooks come with a barb and whether or not we choose to fish with a barbless hook is a streamside decision. For us and our Bozeman, Montana fly fishing guides there is only one answer: just pinch it. And here’s our reasons why.

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