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June 2020 Fly Fishing Forecast

Angler with a trophy Missouri River brown trout in Montana

June Fly Fishing Overview

There is a lot to look forward to for anglers fly fishing in Montana in June 2020. Starting 6/1/2020 Montana is officially open to out-of-state travelers, which means anglers from all over will once again be able to enjoy fly fishing in the Big Sky State. Summer weather is also in the near-term forecast along with the first great summer hatches of caddisflies and Pale Morning Dun (PMD) mayflies that come with it. Put up your waders, grab your flip-flops and fly rods, and let’s go fishing.

Since the announcement of the re-opening of Montana for June we have been steadily busy booking Montana fly fishing trips for the summer and fall months. Our Montana fly fishing guides are looking forward to sharing great days on the rivers of Montana with our anglers safely and responsibly this season. Prime dates for June and July are just about re-booked back up and it is shaping up to be a great fall season. Our outfitter handles all bookings personally and is always available to talk fly fishing in Montana. Contact us today to book your 2020 Montana fly fishing trip.

We are looking to June 2020 as a fresh start. With the turmoil of the last few months behind us we will be on the water looking forward to reconnecting with life through fly fishing and the outdoors. There will also be plenty of lines connecting with trout too.

June is a favorite month for dry fly fishing in Montana. Flows are shaping up to be perfect for great hatches of caddisflies and PMDs on the Missouri River, which makes for some of the best sight fishing for trophy trout of the season. We are guessing the bugs will come sooner rather than later this year as summer weather has already arrived. Anglers with trips planned from June 10-30 should be right in the thick of it this year.

The annual salmonfly hatch is the main event for our anglers and fly fishing guides in Bozeman, MT the second half of June. When will the big bugs hatch on the Madison and Yellowstone Rivers? Still too early to call but runoff is well underway and we are hoping for bugs flying and trout rising by the 22nd of June on the Madison River and by the 28th of June on the Yellowstone River.

In the near-near term nymphing will continue to be king on the Missouri River. We have had guided trips out daily now for the better part of the last few weeks with anglers enjoying quality fly fishing with our guides on a daily basis. Sowbugs have been the top producing nymph on the upper river with good results on larger attractor flies including annelids and crayfish further downstream. The Dearborn River has been all over the map with flows but things are looking to stabilize moving forward and we expecting great fishing from Holter Dam all the way down to Cascade, MT in the coming weeks.

The entrances to Yellowstone National Park in Montana are set to open in June, and the fly fishing season will be in full swing on the Firehole River, Gibbon River, and Madison River when they do. These rivers make for the best most productive fly fishing for anglers looking to wade fish near Bozeman, MT until run-off subsides. You also cannot find a more picturesque destination to catch a wild trout than the Firehole River in early June. Strong hatches of caddisflies and PMDs make for exciting days of dry fly fishing to eager trout throughout the month.

Good hatches and good weather make for easy living and some of the best fly fishing of the year in Montana in June. Our Montana fly fishing guides are beyond thankful for the support from local anglers over the past month and extremely thankful for our anglers that have remained flexible and held onto trip dates for June, in spite of so much uncertainty. These anglers are set to reap the rewards of uncrowded rivers, quality dry fly fishing, and memorable days on the water on their Montana fly fishing trips in June 2020. Fish on!