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2020 Bozeman Fly Fishing Trips

2020 Bozeman Fly Fishing Trips

Guided Fly Fishing Trips in Bozeman, MT

Our Bozeman fly fishing guides and outfitter are looking forward to another great year of fly fishing in Montana in 2020. We have enjoyed a mild winter that has made for great Winter Special Guide Trips, and now have our sights set on the prime Spring, Summer, and Fall fly fishing seasons.

There is a lot for our anglers to look forward to in 2020. Our solid winter snowpack is shaping up to make for another year of good flows and cold water on our rivers near Bozeman, MT, and excellent fly fishing throughout the seasons. Our custom fly fishing trip offerings from our Bozeman Basecamp include new lodging packages and expanded trip destinations and types. Unique trips including our Overnight Trips and Adventure Trips, make for a one of a kind Bozeman fly fishing experience.

We are proud to work with the hardest working professional fly fishing guides in Bozeman, MT and excited to give anglers the best Montana fly fishing experience in 2020. Dates during the prime season and hatches are booking fast and we would encourage all anglers interested in a Bozeman fly fishing trip to contact us today to learn more.


2020 Bozeman Fly Fishing Highlights

  • Salmonfly Hatch in Bozeman, MT: Hit the biggest hatch of the year in 2020. Best chance for catching true trophy trout on dry flies in Bozeman, MT. Prime dates available from June 25-July 10.
  • Yellowstone and Madison River Float Trips: Float fly fishing trips on the Yellowstone and Madison River are the cornerstones of any Bozeman fly fishing trip. We expect both to fish well on a daily basis in 2020, and anglers will enjoy some of the best dry fly fishing of the season. July, August, and September are the best months for anglers.
  • Overnight Fly Fishing Trips: Blue ribbon fly fishing and authentic riverside camping make Overnight Trips in Bozeman, MT perfect for anglers that want a truly immersive Montana fly fishing experience. Availability is limited and anglers are encouraged to contact us directly to learn more.
5 Tips for the Best Bozeman Fly Fishing Trips

5 Tips for the Best Bozeman Fly Fishing Trips

Planning the Best Bozeman Fly Fishing Trip

Fly fishing trips in Bozeman, MT are the best way to enjoy a day on one of our local Montana rivers. Bozeman offers anglers more miles of blue ribbon trout water than just about anywhere in the west. The Yellowstone River, Madison River, and Gallatin Rivers run just outside of town and the endless fly fishing opportunities in Yellowstone National Park just past them. Our Montana fly fishing guides have spent decades on the rivers in Bozeman and understand what it takes to make your next Bozeman fly fishing trip, the best one yet.

Our 5 tips for the Best Bozeman Fly Fishing Trips draw on our experience, as well as feedback from longtime anglers, planning trips all year long. Anglers interested in learning more about fly fishing with the Montana Angling Company and our professional fly fishing guides in Bozeman, MT are encouraged to contact us to learn more.


1. Know Before You Go

The blue ribbon fly fishing opportunities in Bozeman, Montana are endless and vast. Researching your trip and arming yourself with knowledge and information about Bozeman and the surrounding area will be a great start. There are endless online resources, including our own blog, with great recommendations and descriptions of the rivers, productive tactics, access points, hatches, and more in our region.

Lodging and non-angling activities in Bozeman are also best researched ahead of time. Anglers that put in the time before their trip will make the most of their time on the water. Our recommended resources for Bozeman Fly Fishing Information:


2. Timing is Everything

Every season offers different fly fishing opportunities for anglers on a Bozeman fly fishing trip. Knowing when to go is just as important as knowing where to go. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall fly fishing trips are all remarkably different experiences, each with its own charm.

Anglers that prefer dry fly fishing over everything will find the months of July, August, and September to be the best fit. Those that want solitude will likely enjoy fly fishing in Bozeman in April and October. Anglers wanting the best shot at trophy fish will find the streamer fishing in Bozeman is best in the Spring and Fall. Thinking about fly fishing the salmon fly hatch? June 25-July 10 is your best bet. Anglers should time their trip to align with their preferred fly fishing experience.


3. Consider Booking a Fly Fishing Guide

There are a lot of great reasons to hire a fly fishing guide on any Montana fly fishing trip. Professional and local knowledge goes a long way towards making your trip fun, safe, and productive. There is a reason why when our guides travel to fly fish elsewhere they hire guides: when your time is limited in an area, a good guide will help you make the most of it. Even spending just one day with a fly fishing guide can give you access to local knowledge that would otherwise take years to acquire.

The learning opportunities for anglers on a Bozeman guided fly fishing trip are well worth it. Our Montana fly fishing guides have dedicated their lives to our local Bozeman rivers and sharing their experience with anglers. Booking a day on the water is a great addition to any Bozeman fly fishing trip.


4. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

There are more rivers, streams, and lakes to fly fish in Bozeman, MT than an angler could hope to fly fish in a lifetime, let alone a trip. Narrowing down your options and focusing on one, or two drainages at the most, will make your trip more productive. It will take days for anglers to get dialed in on access and tactics for a new river. Instead of trying to fish it all, plan to fish one river well. Anglers that do will spend more time on the water fly fishing, instead of driving around thinking about it.

Wade fishing anglers will find the Gallatin River and the wade-stretch of the Madison River downstream of Ennis and upstream of Lyons Bridge to be great starting points. Float fishing anglers will find great fly fishing on the Yellowstone River and the float stretch of the Upper Madison River and Lower Madison River.


5. Plan in Advance

Want to make the most of your next Bozeman fly fishing trip? Do your best to book your trip well in advance. The best lodging and fly fishing guides for prime dates often book 6-8 months ahead of time. While trip bookings to Bozeman can also be accommodated on short notice, anglers wanting to stay at our preferred fly fishing lodges or book a trip with a select guide will want to plan ahead and contact us in advance. July, August, and September Trips in Bozeman, MT are our most in demand trip offerings. Overnight Trips and Adventure Trips are also limited offerings that anglers should consider booking ahead of time.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guides, Trips, and Outfitting

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guides, Trips, and Outfitting

Guided Fly Fishing in Bozeman, MT

Our Montana fly fishing guides consider Bozeman, MT to be the heart of fly fishing in Montana and our home base for Montana fly fishing trips. Bozeman truly is the trout capital of the west and offers anglers the unique combination of proximity to hundreds of miles of blue ribbon water and the best lodging, dining, and amenities in Montana. The world-famous Yellowstone River, Madison River, and Gallatin River all sit just outside of town and offer excellent fly fishing all year long.

The Montana Angling Company offers guided fly fishing trips on the rivers, streams, and lakes in Bozeman, MT. Our Day Trip destinations include both float trips and wade trips on the Yellowstone River, Madison River, Gallatin River, Boulder River, Stillwater River, Jefferson river, Missouri River, and Paradise Valley Spring Creeks. We also offer guided fly fishing trips in Yellowstone National Park.

Custom Trips and our Lodging Packages are the best way for anglers to experience the wide variety of fly fishing opportunities we have in Bozeman, MT. We work with anglers to build custom itineraries that include guided fly fishing on the best waters available. Our lodging partners offer the premier accommodations in Bozeman, MT with all-inclusive options available.

Bozeman Fly Fishing Guides

Our Bozeman fly fishing guides have the local knowledge and experience to make your next Montana fly fishing trip, your best one yet. All of our guides are dedicated professionals that value their clients’ experience above all else and emphasize learning, safety, and having fun on every trip. Our guides work well with anglers of all skill levels. We utilize high end drift boats and rafts outfitted for fly fishing on float trips and have modern rods and reels available for our anglers’ use.

Bozeman, MT Fly Fishing Trips

Fly fishing trips in Bozeman, MT center around the blue ribbon fly fishing on the Yellowstone River, Madison River, Gallatin River, and their tributaries. These rivers are the lifeblood of anglers in Montana and boast excellent hatches that make for blue ribbon fly fishing throughout the Montana fly fishing season.

Float trips on these famous rivers are our most popular trips. Anglers of all skills level can expect a fun and successful trip. Beginner anglers will find the fly fishing to be rewarding and filled with learning opportunities. Seasoned anglers will enjoy truly world-class fly fishing with opportunities for trophy trout and fresh angling challenges.

The prime fly fishing season runs from April-October in Bozeman, but blue ribbon fly fishing is available year-round. Winter & Spring Special Trips are a great way to enjoy fly fishing on our rivers in solitude, at a discounted rate. Annual spring run-off affects our Bozeman area rivers from May 15-July 1 and we would encourage anglers planning a trip during this time to consider our Missouri River Basecamp Trips as the best alternative.

Our Bozeman Fly Fishing Trips include:

Bozeman Fly Fishing Outfitting

Delivering custom outfitting, expert guides, and authentic Montana experiences is at the core of our Bozeman fly fishing outfitting business. Our outfitter works with anglers to build custom fly fishing trips designed to showcase the best guided fly fishing in Montana. Anglers can expect personal service throughout both the booking process and during their Bozeman fly fishing trip. Our outfitter handles all bookings personally and invites anglers to contact us to learn more about guided fly fishing in Bozeman, MT with the Montana Angling Company.

Fly Fishing Float Trips in Bozeman, MT

Fly Fishing Float Trips in Bozeman, MT

Float Trips in Bozeman, MT with the Montana Angling Company

Float Fly Fishing Trip Overview

Our float fishing trips generally begin and end in Bozeman with your guide picking you up at your lodging or local fly shop. From there you and your guide will depart for the day to fish one of the many blue ribbon waters near Bozeman.

The exact location of your trip will vary depending on the time of year and your preferences. Our outfitter and guides work to keep you where fishing is best. All of our trips are custom, even our day trips, which means we work with each of anglers to ensure their experience meets and exceeds expectations.

What To Expect on your Trip

Anglers can expect to float approximately 6-15 miles on a full day float trip. Multi-day package trips are a great way to experience a variety of rivers and fly fishing. Our guided trips cater to novice and seasoned anglers alike and you can expect a fun and safe day filled with learning and great fly fishing.

We offer float trips year-round but our trips are always subject to weather, flows, and other unforeseeable inclement conditions. Your safety is our primary concern above all else. All of our guides are experienced professionals that are CPR/First Aid certified and have years of rowing experience on our various rivers.

Float Fly Fishing Trip Offerings

Exact offerings for float fishing trips vary seasonally but our rivers are predictably, but not always, available to fish as follows.

In the Spring our Bozeman, MT float fishing trips include: the Yellowstone River, the Madison River, the Missouri River, the Jefferson River, and the Gallatin River.

Our Summer float fishing trip offerings include: the Yellowstone River, the Madison River, the Missouri River, the Gallatin River, the Stillwater River, the Boulder River, and the Jefferson River.

Our fall float fishing trip offerings include: the Yellowstone River, the Madison River, the Missouri River, the Jefferson River, and the Gallatin River.

Our winter float fishing trip offerings are very limited depending on daily weather conditions, but generally the Madison River and Missouri River are options.

Want to know more about our Bozeman guided float fly fishing trips? Contact us with any questions or to book your next Montana fly fishing trip.

5 Spots to Fly Fish in Bozeman, MT

5 Spots to Fly Fish in Bozeman, MT

Where to Fly Fish in Bozeman, MT

There are lifetime’s of fly fishing opportunities within an hour of Bozeman, MT. From the Madison River, to the Gallatin River, to the Yellowstone River, and every small stream in between: the list is endless. It can be overwhelming with all of the great options to decide where to spend your time if you only have a day or two to enjoy fly fishing in Bozeman. While hiring a fly fishing guide is the best way to make the most of your Montana fly fishing trip, it doesn’t make sense for everyone. Want to know where our Bozeman fly fishing guides go fish when we want to stay close to home? Read on for our 5 spots to fly fish in Bozeman, Montana.


1. Gallatin River at the Cameron Bridge

The town favorite. Fly fishing at the Cameron Bridge is the classic spot to fish for wild trout close to Bozeman, MT on the iconic Gallatin River. The Cameron Bridge is just a short drive west of town and provides great access to many miles of  wade fishing on the Gallatin River. While usually crowded close to the access point, the crowds tend to thin out after a short 10 or 15 minute hike up or downstream. Just remember to follow Montana’s stream access law and stay below the high-watermark.

The Gallatin River at the Cameron Bridge is classic freestone river fishing at its finest. Anglers can expect great fly fishing for rainbow and brown trout averaging about 13 inches with larger fish caught regularly. Great hatches from April through October make for excellent dry fly fishing opportunities. The deeper holes are best fished with streamers or nymphs.


2. Hyalite Reservoir

Head on up the Hyalite Canyon Road to fish Bozeman’s favorite lake. Hyalite Reservoir is just a short 15 minute drive from town, but a world away from the hustle and bustle of Main Street. This lake is tucked away in the high Gallatin Mountains, surrounded by snowcapped peaks for much of the year. There are great fly fishing opportunities for both wade and float anglers on the lake.

Yellowstone Cutthroat trout and Grayling are present all across the lake and can easily be targeted at the inlet and outlet as well as the many coves along the south-west shoreline. These fish vary greatly in size from 8-18 inches with larger fish regularly caught in the winter months. That’s right, fishing on Hyalite Reservoir is a year-round option, but leave the fly rod at home in the winter, it is a ice fisherman’s paradise.  Small leeches, prince nymphs, midge patterns ,and small parachute dryflies should cover you for fly selection.


3. Lower Madison River at the Beartrap Canyon

Head just 35 minutes west of Bozeman to fly fish the Beartrap Canyon of the Madison River. This is the closest wilderness fly fishing experience close to home. The dirt road in ends at a trailhead warning anglers of bears, snakes, and swift water. This fly fishing is not for the faint of heart. Anglers who do venture back are generally rewarded with great fishing in a true wilderness setting. This stretch of the Madison River is chock full of larger than average rainbow and brown trout. Targeting slower, deeper runs, as well as the many larger boulders littered along the river bottom is a great starting point for finding these trophy sized fish.

Fly fishing the Beartrap Canyon is a favorite winter-time fishing destination for our Montana fly fishing guides during the snow season. Anglers can expect great hatches of midges all winter long that make for excellent dry fly fishing even during the coldest of days. Primetime fishing opportunities during the spring, summer, and fall are great here with reliable hatches making for some of the most consistent fishing in the area. The biggest and baddest of the brown trout in this river have a special place in their heart for a well-presented crayfish fly. Keep the line tight and hold on!


4. DePuy’s Spring Creek

Just outside Bozeman, MT is the sleepy trout town of Livingston, MT, and just south of Livingston, MT is one of our state’s most famous small streams: DePuy’s Spring Creek. The creek runs through one of Montana’s finest working ranches and anglers can expect to pay a daily rod-fee to access the creek, but it is well worth the price of admission. Between the thick hatches, excellent dry fly fishing, great sized trout, and amazing scenery, it is hard to imagine a finer fly fishing destination near Bozeman, MT.

DePuy’s  Spring Creek is a regular staple on our guided fly fishing trips and for good reason: the fishing is that good. But by good we do not mean “easy”. The water is clear, the flows are slow, and the fish are selective. But good presentations are rewarded with great opportunities. Just don’t forget your 6x and 7x tippet.


5. East Gallatin River

Not going to give up any secrets here but the East Gallatin River has great fly fishing for anglers in Bozeman, MT as close as 5 minutes from Main Street. But you are going to have to earn it. This small stream courses through the many private ranches north of town, but there is great access at the many bridge crossings and fishing access sites along its length. Anglers that put in the time to learn the character and nuances of fly fishing this stream are rewarded with great fly fishing for wild rainbow and brown trout.

Mid-summer hopper fishing can be as good as it gets on the East Gallatin River. Lots of spring creeks pour into this stream along its length, keeping it cold and clear all summer long. And cold, clear water makes for happy trout.

2019 Bozeman Fly Fishing Trips

2019 Bozeman Fly Fishing Trips

2019 Bozeman Fly Fishing Trip Overview

Anglers joining us on their Bozeman fly fishing trip in 2019 will have a lot to look forward too. Our custom outfitting program in Bozeman for 2019 will include float trips, wade fishing trips, day trips, half day trips, and multi-day packages all with the hardest working Bozeman fly fishing guides around. Our home base in Bozeman is uniquely centered to give our anglers and fly fishing guides access to the greatest diversity of blue ribbon rivers, streams, and lakes in Montana. From the famous waters of the Yellowstone River, the Madison River, and the Gallatin River, to quieter waters more off the beaten path, our Bozeman fly fishing trips and guides allow anglers to experience the best fly fishing Bozeman has to offer.

2019 Bozeman Float Fishing Trips

All of our Bozeman fly fishing guides utilize high-end drift boats and rafts to allow anglers to enjoy float trips on Bozeman’s larger rivers. Each of our blue ribbon rivers offers a unique character and diverse fly fishing opportunities for our anglers. Float trips are a great way for anglers of all skill levels to enjoy fly fishing in Bozeman, MT and expect to have fun and be successful. Our float trip offerings are always seasonally dependent on flows and fishing conditions, but you can reasonably expect for a variety of rivers to be fishable from April through November.

Bozeman Drift Boat Trips: 
• Yellowstone River
• Upper Madison River
• Lower Madison River
• Jefferson River
• Lower Gallatin River
• Upper Missouri River (Trout and Carp)

Bozeman Raft Trips:
• Yellowstone River through Yankee Jim Canyon
• Boulder River
• Stillwater River
• Upper Gallatin River

2019 Bozeman Wade Fishing Trips

Anglers that prefer smaller waters and a slower pace of fly fishing find our wade fishing trips to be a great part of any Bozeman fly fishing trips. From small mountain streams, to private spring creeks, our Bozeman wade fishing trips offer a wide variety of fly fishing for anglers wanting to enjoy wade fishing with our Bozeman fly fishing guides. Several of our wade fishing streams allow for hike-to-fish opportunities for anglers wanting to venture off the beaten path and enjoy an angling adventure.

Bozeman Wade Fishing Trips:
• Yellowstone National Park
• DePuys Spring Creek
• Armstrong Spring Creek
• Gallatin River
• East Gallatin River
• Private Water

2019 Bozeman Lake Fly Fishing Trips

While often overlooked by many anglers, fly fishing the lakes around Bozeman, MT offers excellent fly fishing for often trophy sized rainbow and brown trout. Dry fly fishing and sight fishing can be outstanding at times, and lake fishing offers a slower pace of fly fishing, perfect for anglers wanting to add variety to their Bozeman fly fishing trip. Private water lake options offer anglers consistent opportunities at trophy trout, as do our larger lakes when conditions allow for boating on these often times exposed bodies of water.

Bozeman Lake Fishing Trips:
• Story Lake
• Burns Lake
• Sitz Lake
• Jones Lake
• Ennis Lake
• Hebgen Lake
• Harrison Lake
• Canyon Ferry Lake (Carp)