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Yellowstone National Park Fly Fishing

Fly Fish the Rivers of our 1st National Park

Yellowstone National Park Fly Fishing Trips

Fly Fishing in Yellowstone National Park with our Montana fly fishing guides is a great way to experience fly fishing in the ultimate wilderness setting. Yellowstone National Park is one of our Nation’s greatest treasures.

The Montana Angling Company is an authorized permittee of Yellowstone National Park and we offer guided fly fishing trips on all of the major and lesser known waters. Our fly fishing guides are all experienced professionals that have the knowledge, patience, and commitment to safety to make your Yellowstone Park fly fishing trip a success.

Yellowstone National Park is as diverse as it is big. The fly fishing opportunities are similar as the rivers range from wild to intimate. Fly fishing trips in Yellowstone are well suited for seasoned and beginner anglers alike. The fly fishing season begins the Saturday of Memorial day weekend and closes the first Sunday of November.

We feel while the fly fishing is important, fly fishing trips in Yellowstone are about more than just fly fishing. Wildlife viewing opportunities are everywhere, the scenery is stunning, and there is a certain mystique about the land and rivers that is hard to find anywhere else.

Fly Fishing in Yellowstone National Park

From the opening weekend through the end of June our fly fishing guides operate primarily in the western half of Yellowstone National Park around Madison Junction. This includes rivers like the Firehole River, the Gibbon River, and the Madison River in the Park. This time of year anglers can expect consistent hatches of caddisflies as well as mayflies. Our guides’ preferred tactics are dry fly fishing and swinging soft hackle for the wild rainbow and brown trout that inhabit these rivers.

By July these rivers get too warm due to hydrothermal input from the geyser basins and our guide trips venture into the Northeast corner of the Park, primarily in the Yellowstone River drainage. This includes many of Yellowstone National Park’s more famous river such as the Lamar River, Slough Creek, Soda Butte Creek, and the Yellowstone River proper. Cutthroat trout flourish in these cold and clear waters. Consistent hatches throughout the summer and early fall make for excellent dry fly fishing opportunities.

By October these higher elevation rivers get cold and our guide trips return to the Madison Junction. The Madison River has a world-famous Fall run of brown and rainbow trout that regularly exceed 20-inches in length. This can be one of the best opportunities at a true trophy fish. Streamers and nymphs are generally the best method to catch these fish but a strong BWO hatch can bring them to the surface on occasion.

Yellowstone National Park has several lifetimes’ worth of fly fishing for the adventurous angler. There are more small streams and alpine lakes than we could ever list, and a short hike from any trailhead usually means total solitude and fly fishing paradise. Every fly fishing trip to Yellowstone National Park is an adventure and we encourage all anglers to consider a day in Yellowstone Park as a part of every Montana fly fishing trip.

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Prime Season:

Madison River Drainage (Opening Day-June 15th and September 15th-Closing Day); Yellowstone River Drainage (July 10th-September 30th)

Notable Hatches:

White Miller Caddis (Early June); Salmonflies and Goldenstones (June 1-August 15); Terrestrials (August 1-September 15); Fall Drakes (September 15-October 15)

Nearby Towns:

Bozeman, MT; Gardiner, MT; West Yellowstone, MT; Livingston, MT; Big Sky, MT

Nearby Rivers:

Yellowstone River, Gallatin River, Madison River, Boulder River, Stillwater River, Paradise Valley Spring Creeks

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What Our Clients Say


My wife and I had a wonderful experience fishing with Montana Angling Company. Max was able to teach my wife to fly fish from scratch and she caught 5-10 really nice 18-20” fish her first time! He was very patient and knowledgeable. Thank you for such an amazing day! I would highly recommend from beginners to advanced fly fishermen and women.


- Cooper M.

What Our Clients Say


Max is the perfect guide and teacher. My wife and I are newly retired and wanted to try fly fishing for the first time. We learned tons and caught lots of trout float and wade fishing. Can't wait to come back for our sophomore course. Thanks Max and Peter.

- Cliff B.

What Our Clients Say


I've been guided by Max and his guides on the Yellowstone, Madison, and Missouri rivers and have had a blast every time. Their guides are knowledgeable, respectful, and patient--even when I tangle my line. The Montana Angling Co is a great choice whether it's your first time fly fishing or you're a seasoned pro--these guys know where the fish are and what they're hungry for.

- Maggie O.

What Our Clients Say


Max’s professional demeanor, unmatched knowledge of fly fishing, and top rate gear combine to make any guided trip with him a special experience. Regardless of your ability or experience, you will not only catch fish, but you will have an excellent time as well.

- Josh W.

What Our Clients Say


I have fished with guides across the United States and South America, and can say with confidence that Max's patience, passion, and knowledge of fishing are second to none. Whether you are an expert angler or fishing for the first time, Max is the guy you want to have in your boat.

- Wesley R.

What Our Clients Say


We had an awesome experience with Montana Angling Co. Max worked with us to make sure we had the perfect day to go fishing. Our guide was Guy Flynn, and he was great. He was very patient with us and we enjoyed the conversation. He was putting us on fish all day long. Overall, we had a great experience, and I will definitely use Max's company again on our next trip to Montana.

- Bryan L.

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