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July 2019 Fly Fishing in Montana

Better late than never. The excellent fly fishing our anglers and Montana fly fishing guides have been enjoying as of late has been keeping us plenty busy on the water and away from the computer. July is here and with it comes some of the best fly fishing of the year, particularly dry fly fishing on the rivers near Bozeman, MT. Check out our Bozeman Basecamp Trips to learn more about fly fishing trips with our local Bozeman fly fishing guides.

The Madison River and Gallatin River are already crawling with Salmonflies. The Yellowstone River and our other freestone rivers will be in great shape by the end of the week with strong hatches of stoneflies available as soon as they can be floated. The PMD hatch on the Missouri River came late this year, but has stuck around, keeping the trout looking up and giving anglers lots of shots throughout the day.

By Mid-month our anglers and guides will have pick of the litter when it comes to options. All of our rivers will be fishing well, and our strong snow pack as well as cooler weather will keep them flowing cold and strong well through the end of the month. Dry fly fishing will be king on all of our rivers this year. Salmonflies and goldenstones will stay on the menu at least through the 20th of the month. PMDs, caddisflies, yellow sallies, and drakes will be around through the end. By the last week ants and hoppers will become important. Will 2019 bring the same great hopper fishing of 2018? Very likely. Already seeing lots of small ones around.

Our guide calendars are just about booked for the month. If you are planning a last minute trip, be in touch sooner rather than later. We are starting to take bookings for 2020 already. June trips at our Missouri River Basecamp are booking quickly. If custom trips, overnight trips, or adventure trips are on your mind, it is best to consider booking now for 2020.