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Montana Fly Fishing in June

June is primetime for fly fishing in Montana. The fly fishing on the Missouri River is as good as it gets. By the middle of the month the annual Salmonfly hatches begin on our freestone rivers like the Blackfoot River and the Madison River. By the end of the month the Yellowstone River and other Bozeman, MT rivers come into shape and offer some of the best dry fly fishing of the year.

June is also one of the busiest months on the water for our Montana fly fishing guides. Anglers should plan their Montana fly fishing trips well in-advanced for the best dates in June. Our outfitter sees the highest percentage of repeat anglers in June every year, close to 95%, and for good reason: the fly fishing in Montana in June is that good.



  • Dry fly fishing on the Missouri River is some of the best of the season. Pale Morning Duns (PMDs) and summer caddis hatches are in full swing by the 10th of the month and offer sight fishing for wild rainbow and brown trout on a daily basis.
  • The annual Salmonfly hatch on the Blackfoot, Madison, and Yellowstone Rivers, as well as other freestone rivers, kicks off by the 15th of June, peaking at the end of month. This hatch is likely an anglers best chance to see trout 24+ inches rise to a dry fly.
  • By the end of the month, runoff subsides on the rivers close to Bozeman, MT making for great fly fishing from our Bozeman Basecamp.


What to Expect

June marks the beginning of the summer fly fishing season in Montana. Weather is generally mild and angling conditions are consistently favorable. Anglers can expect the sun out early and late, making for all-day great fly fishing opportunities.

The rivers around our Missouri River Basecamp in Craig, MT are all fishing well, and by the 10th of the month run-off will have subsided on the Dearborn River and lower elevation freestones in this area. By the 25th of the month the run-off will begin the break on our rivers near Bozeman, MT making for predictably good fly fishing in late-June from our Bozeman Fly Fishing Basecamp.

June is one of the prime months for dry fly fishing in Montana. Anglers can count on strong hatches of PMDs and Caddis on the Missouri River through the end of the month and the Salmonfly hatch kicking off mid-June on our freestone rivers.


Where to Fly Fish in June

Anglers fly fishing in Montana in June should consider different rivers and trips depending on when in June they are planning a Montana fly fishing trip. For anglers looking at June 1st to June 20th, fly fishing on the Missouri River tailwater near Craig, MT is the best choice. From June 20th to June 30th anglers start to have more options.

The Missouri River will still be the most consistent option for anglers through the end of June. Having said that, run-off will begin to fade on the rivers near Bozeman, MT and flows will drop to safe and productive levels on the Madison River and smaller freestone rivers. By the end of the month the Yellowstone River is often fishable. The annual Salmonfly hatch on the Madison River kicks off by the 25th of the month, peaking at the end of the month into early July. Anglers planning a Montana fly fishing trip for late June should consider either of our Montana Fly Fishing Basecamps to be great options.


June Fly Fishing Tactics

Dry fly fishing is king on our Montana rivers in June. On the Missouri River anglers will enjoy all day dry fly fishing opportunities throughout the month with mayflies and caddisflies hatching daily. While the annual PMD hatch and summer tan caddis hatch is the main event, ants also become a major player in June on the Missouri River.

On our freestones the Salmonfly hatch kicks off on the Blackfoot River by the 15th of the month, followed by the Madison River and Yellowstone River later in the month. Salmonflies are the largest bugs of the year our trout will see, and even the biggest fish in the river will rise to a #2-8 Salmonfly pattern.

While dry fly fishing is the main focus for our anglers and Montana fly fishing guides in June, nymphing and streamer fishing can also be productive. The morning nymph bite in June on the Missouri River is as good as it gets with sow bugs (#14-18) and small PMD and Caddis nymphs (#16-18). Shallow nymphing becomes especially productive as our trout begins to chase emergers. Streamer fishing early in the morning can be fair, but probably better times of the year to plan a Montana fly fishing trip revolving around streamer fishing.


June Fly Fishing Trips

Anglers can expect fun and productive Montana fly fishing trips in June with the Montana Angling Company and our Montana fly fishing guides. Our June fly fishing trips on the Missouri River and our Bozeman rivers are dry fly focused and well suited for anglers of all skill levels.

Missouri River fly fishing trips include the option of also fly fishing the Dearborn River and Blackfoot River as well as some waters off the beaten path. These freestone rivers are a great contrast to the often technical fishing on the Missouri River.

Bozeman fly fishing trips in June are only recommended after the 20th of the month once the Upper Madison River and the Yellowstone River fall into shape post-runoff. The annual salmonfly hatch quickly follows. There are local options available to fish throughout the month of June for anglers in Bozeman, MT in June including the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, the Lower Madison River, and area lakes, but we strongly encourage anglers to plan June fly fishing trips from our Missouri River Basecamp.

June fly fishing trips are a favorite amongst our anglers. We recommend anglers planning a Montana fly fishing in June to book well in-advanced.

Contact us today to book your June fly fishing trip with the Montana Angling Company.