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Bozeman Fly Fishing Overview

It is feeling like spring on the rivers in Bozeman, MT. Our anglers and fly fishing guides have been enjoying the mild early season conditions and getting into some really great fishing. The Madison River, Gallatin River, and the Missouri River has been particularly productive. High winds, normal for this time of year, have largely kept us off the Yellowstone River but we are looking forwards to getting on it soon.

Nymphing is king in early March and this year has been no different. Stoneflies, midges, large attractors, and annelids have been the most productive patterns. Targeting slower runs with good depth will yield consistent hook ups. There have been enough fish rising to break out the dry fly rod daily, but shots have been few and far between. The streamer bite has been fair with moderate success during the warmest hours of the day, later in the afternoon.

Winter and Spring Special Trips are running now through the end of April. We were able to get out with anglers every month of the winter this year and are looking forward to some great fishing as we move into spring. Great fly fishing trips at a great rate.

Prime dates are booking fast for the summer and fall seasons. May and June trips on the Missouri River and July and August fly fishing trips in Bozeman, MT are in high demand. Contact us today to learn more and book your 2020 Montana fly fishing trip.


Gallatin River Fly Fishing Report

The local favorite in Bozeman, MT during March, the Gallatin River is a great choice for anglers on a daily basis. Flows have remained steady and the fly fishing has been as consistent as it gets. Targeting slow and deep pools with nymphs will make for all day action. Midge hatches have made for decent mid-afternoon dry fly action. Look to tailouts, foam holes, and the slower margins of runs for trout rising.


Madison River Fly Fishing Report

We have enjoyed some really great early season fly fishing on the Madison River this March. Check the forecast for Ennis before you go and consider elsewhere if they are calling for 20mph+ winds, but otherwise the Madison River will be a great option for the rest of the month. Both floating and wade fishing will be productive. Anglers that target relatively slower and deeper holding water with nymphs will get into some great fishing. Stoneflies, worms, and midges are all on the menu for the Madison River trout.


Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

Solid early season conditions on the Missouri River. Nymphing on the upper river will be the most productive plan now through the end of April. Dry fly fishing will be limited to afternoon action. Patience and diligence will be rewarded. Hot flies: Sow bugs, scuds, and larger attractors. Flashy and bright.


Paradise Valley Spring Creek Fly Fishing Report

March midge madness on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks! The nymphing with midges has been as productive as ever on DePuy, Armstrong, and Nelson Spring Creeks. Dry fly fishing has been inconsistent but anglers willing to hunt for heads on calmer days will find enough to keep things interesting. #16-22 smaller midge nymphs will produce the most consistent results.


Yellowstone River Fly Fishing Report

A bit windy out there. Be sure to check the forecast before heading over to the Yellowstone River. Generally warmer days mean higher wind. Those that hit it right will find some really great early season fishing. Nymphing will be the most productive tactic, but dry fly anglers will enjoy consistent opportunities on the calmest of days. The Yellowstone River enjoys consistent hatches of midges throughout the spring. And BWOs are right around the corner….