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Bozeman Fly Fishing Overview

Our Montana fly fishing guides and anglers on the water have seen a little bit of everything since our last report: snow, sunshine, more snow, fall colors, and lots of rising trout. We had a historic early season winter storm move through that marked an abrupt end of summer-like conditions and brought about colder-than average fall temperatures in a hurry. In spite of often trying conditions, the fly fishing has remained solid around Bozeman, MT particularly the fall dry fly bite.

We’ve seen excellent hatches of BWOs on the Yellowstone River and other nearby fisheries. Up on the Missouri River the BWOs have been small, but thick and plenty of caddis around as well making for fun afternoons filled with good dry fly action. The streamer bite has also been above average all over and should continue to improve over the coming weeks. Looking ahead we’ve got some more cold weather in the forecast but nice, normal fall weather to follow. Normal is good in October

Where would we go for the best bite from now through the end of the month? We like the Missouri River, the Yellowstone River, and the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks in October. Need a guide to row you down the river and get you in on the action? There is still time to book your Montana fly fishing trip for 2019, contact us today.

Yellowstone River Fly Fishing Report

Flows and water temps are down to Fall levels. The best action will be found between 1pm and 5pm. No rush to the river. Nymphing and streamer fishing will be your best bet until BWOs start to hatch. Buggers and attractor nymphs #12-16 will be the most productive. No need to get too fancy with the streamer game: medium size buggers and sculpin imitations fished well will produce. The dry fly fishing has been outstanding on calmer afternoons with BWOs hatching and fish eating. Small parachutes fished well will catch fish.

Madison River Fly Fishing Report

Streamer season on the Madison River. While the hopper fishing sure was great, the ramp to ramp action has come to an end. Still some fish looking up during the heat on the afternoon, but not a sure thing. If you want to consistently see good sized fish in the net you’ll have to work for it. Streamer fishing on the Madison River is never easy, but will reliably catch fish until winter sets in. Some days are better than others, but anglers willing to commit will be rewarded. Otherwise nymphing will be your best bet. Fishing a Pat’s rubber legs to a small mayfly nymph #18-22 will produce. BWOs hatching in the afternoon will bring fish to the surface.

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

Good and getting gooder by the day. Dry fly fishing has been excellent over the past few weeks with BWOs, caddis, callibaetis, and attractors dries all in play. Blind fishing and sight fishing are both in play. Streamer fishing has been solid with some days excellent. Great time of year to go on a Missouri River fly fishing trip. Nymphing has been slower than usual in the Fall, but seems to be improving by the day. Where its good it is really good and the Missouri River will reward good angling.

Yellowstone National Park Fly Fishing Report

October in Yellowstone Park is a special time. Crowds are thin, the air is cool, and fly fishing is great. We like the west side now through the end of the season. The annual run up the Madison River is underway and fly fishing on the Firehole River has been excellent. Daily hatches have made for some good times and lots of bent rods.

Paradise Valley Spring Creek Fly Fishing Report

Challenging but rewarding. Fall on the spring creeks can be described as nothing short of technical, but good hatches of midges and BWOs have made for high-quality sight fishing on a daily basis.

Gallatin River Fly Fishing Report

Fall on the Gallatin River is all about getting back to basics. Classic wade fishing for wild trout. Go for a walk, enjoy the fall scenery, and expect to get into some good fishing. Hatches will bring fish up, streamers will get chased, and nymphs will consistently catch. As fun as it gets.