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Montana Fly Fishing in August

August fly fishing in Montana is all about fly fishing on the rivers near Bozeman, MT. The Yellowstone River, Madison River, and the many streams of Yellowstone National Park offer great fly fishing throughout the summer months. August is hopper season and a great time for a Montana fly fishing trip.

Hopper fishing peaks in August and offers great fly fishing across all of our rivers for anglers of all skill levels. Float fishing and wade fishing are both great options. Anglers can count on consistently great fly fishing throughout the month of August in Montana.



  • Fly fishing with hopper and other terrestrial patterns peaks in August making for great all-day dry fly fishing action on all of our Montana rivers.
  • Late summer makes for ideal fly fishing conditions on the Yellowstone River, Madison River, and Stillwater River.
  • Wade fishing is excellent on our big rivers as well as our smaller streams.


What to Expect in August

Anglers fly fishing in Montana during the month of August should expect great hopper fishing on our blue ribbon rivers. Summer weather makes for consistent angling conditions allowing for varied float fishing and wade fishing options. Our larger rivers like the Yellowstone River and Madison River are at perfect flows for diverse float angling opportunities. Wade fishing in August in Yellowstone National Park in the Lamar Valley is as good as it gets, and we recommend opting to wet wade and leave the waders at home.

Hoppertunities abound for anglers on all of our waters, with some years offering better terrestrial fishing than others.  Anglers should expect fly fishing to be great across the state on normal and high water years, but opportunities to be more limited on lower water years, with some of our rivers closing due to Hoot-owl restrictions. On these years anglers should focus on higher elevation streams, such as the Yellowstone and Upper Madison Rivers, which are reliable even on the lowest of years.


Where to Fly Fish in August

Our Montana fly fishing guides feel there is nowhere better to fly fish in the state of Montana in August than the rivers near Bozeman, MT. We consistently see the best hopper fishing in the state on the Yellowstone River and Madison Rivers. Anglers are regularly able to fish hopper and other large dry flies from start to finish of each day with great results. Many of the largest trout of the year are fooled by anglers fly fishing with hoppers.

The Yellowstone River is Montana’s longest and most diverse trout fishery offering over 150 miles of floatable fishable water from Gardiner to Columbus, MT. The hopper fishing in August on the Yellowstone River is as good as it gets along this entire length and should be considered the premier river to fish in Montana in August. Long grassy banks, eager trout, and reliably good flows keeps the fly fishing on the Yellowstone River consistently great throughout the summer.

The Madison River is another great August fly fishing option in Montana as reliably cold water keeps our trout on the feed. Hopper fishing as well as smaller terrestrials including ants and beetles make for excellent dry fly fishing opportunities throughout the month. Streamer fishing can also be excellent when water temperatures warm.

For anglers wanting to venture off the beaten path, we recommend considering fly fishing on the Stillwater River. Backcountry fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park is another great option. Both offer ample opportunities for solitude and blue ribbon fly fishing.


August Fly Fishing Tactics

Dry fly fishing with hopper and other terrestrial patterns is the primary tactic for fly fishing in Montana in August. Nymphing and streamer fishing can be productive, but it is hard to pass up fishing giant dry flies on a daily basis. Catch rates are generally high for anglers fishing terrestrials and some of the largest trout of the year come to hand on hoppers in August.

Quality hopper fishing can be found on all of the rivers near Bozeman, MT. The fly fishing is generally less technical than other hatches: tie on your favorite #6-14 hopper and fish it tight to the banks for consistent results. Anglers willing to explore different water types, presentations, colors, and patterns will find there is a subtle art to fly fishing with hoppers that only comes from experience on the water.

Fly fishing with hopper-dropper and other dry-dropper techniques can also be productive, particularly early in the day on cooler mornings. Often trout won’t move into the most aggressive lies until later in the day, and fishing a nymph below your dry fly can be highly effective.


August Fly Fishing Trips

August is a favorite month amongst our long time anglers and guides for fly fishing trips in Montana. It is hard to match the thrill of a trout taking a hopper, but it is a common event for anglers fly fishing in Montana in August. Float fishing trips on the Yellowstone River, Madison River, and Stillwater River are consistently productive and offer all day dry fly fishing for anglers of all skill levels. Wade fishing in Yellowstone National Park and our smaller streams make for equally great trips.

Summer fly fishing trips are all about the full Montana experience. Great fly fishing on some of the most scenic and wild rivers on earth. Book your Montana fly fishing trip with the Montana Angling Company and count on our experienced and professional guides working hard to make your August fly fishing trip, your best yet.

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