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6/1/2020 Bozeman, MT Fly Fishing Report

Montana angler with a Missouri River brown trout

Bozeman Fly Fishing Overview

June is the start of the summer fly fishing season in Bozeman, MT. Our anglers and Montana fly fishing guides are looking forward to a great summer filled with long days spent chasing trout across the Big Sky State. As of today, 6/1/20, Montana is officially open to travelers and we are excited to welcome back anglers from around the country to take part in the 2020 Montana fly fishing season.

The fly fishing as of late has been excellent on the Missouri River. Spring run-off is in full swing on the rivers near Bozeman, MT, but the Missouri River tailwater in Craig, MT has continued to give it up on a daily basis for our anglers and guides. Dry fly fishing has been limited, but the nymphing has produced extremely high catch rates from Holter Dam all the way town river to Cascade, MT. We are looking forward to hatches of Pale Morning Dun mayflies (PMDs) and summer caddisflies to kick-off in the coming week and be in full swing by the 12th of the month.

Closer to Bozeman, MT options for anglers are limited to fly fishing on the Lower Madison River, area stillwaters, and the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks. These are all “run-off friendly” options and make for a fun day of fly fishing. Yellowstone National Park is also open as of today for both drive-thru traffic and fly fishing for anglers in Montana. Flows are still high on the Firehole River, Gibbon River, and Madison River, but we are optimistic that flows will stabilize by next week and open the door for solid wade-fishing through the end of the month. Good to be getting back to normal.

We are booking Montana fly fishing trips for 2020 and 2021. We still have dates available through the end of June on the Missouri River as well as prime salmonfly hatch dates on the rivers near Bozeman. Contact us today to talk fishing and book your next trip.


Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

The Missouri River is and will be the best option for a Montana fly fishing trip through the 25th of June. The fly fishing has been excellent with great nymphing along the entire tailwater reach near Craig, MT. Sowbugs, mayflies, caddisflies, and annelids (WORMS) are all on the menu subsurface. Hatches have been thin as of late, making for less than stellar dry fly fishing, but we expect this to pick up in the coming week(s) as early summer hatches of PMDs and caddisflies kick-off. Anglers willing to work for it have been rewarded with solid attractor dry fly fishing in the afternoons as well as success with dry-dropper rigs. See above photo for what happens when you are willing to fish the dry fly on the Missouri River and ‘let it ride’.


Paradise Valley Spring Creek Fly Fishing Report

Good to great on a daily basis still on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks. Late-May and early-June are typically quiet on the spring creeks as we are between hatches, making it a great time of year to explore new runs and riffles and sight-nymph to solitary trout. Hatches have been thin but the subsurface fly fishing has been excellent with #18-22 PTs, zebra midges, and sows accounting for the majority of takes. Patience and precision will be rewarded. Great availability on DePuy, Armstrong, and Nelson Spring Creeks through the 20thof June.


Madison River Fly Fishing Report

The annual spring run-off has arrived to southwest Montana and the Upper Madison River is done for the time being. Stubborn anglers will still find success with large #2-4 stonefly nymphs and streamers, but anglers will find less than ideal conditions now through likely the 10th of June. Afterwards expect flows to drop and conditions to improve. The Lower Madison River is still a good option for local anglers in Bozeman, MT, but flows are also high and water clarity less than ideal. Giant nymphs, crayfish patterns, and streamers will also be your best bet.


Yellowstone River Fly Fishing Report

25000+ CFS and rising. Leave her alone for the time being. When will flows drop and the salmonflies pop on the Yellowstone River in 2020? June 27th. Or earlier but maybe also later.


Yellowstone National Park Fly Fishing Report

Yellowstone is open and the 2020 fly fishing season is underway! As of today the Montana entrances have re-opened. Flows are still high on the majority of rivers in the park, but we are optimistic that conditions will quickly improve on the Firehole, Madison, and Gibbon Rivers. These rivers offer the best dry fly fishing in early June for anglers in Big Sky and Bozeman, MT. Solid hatches of PMDs and a variety of caddisflies make for exciting sight fishing opportunities in a truly scenic setting.