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Montana Fly Fishing in July

Anglers fly fishing during July in Montana have a lot to look forward to. Strong hatches, good river flows, and long sunny days make for some of the best fly fishing of the year. All of our Montana rivers are fishing well during the month of July. Anglers joining us on Montana fly fishing trips can count on great fly fishing on a daily basis at both our Missouri River Basecamp as well as our Bozeman Basecamp.

Dry fly fishing is exceptional and reliable throughout the month on all of our rivers. Thick hatches of stoneflies, caddisflies, mayflies, and terrestrials keep our Montana trout on the feed. There is probably no more consistent month to fly fish in Montana than in July and no better time to enjoy great fly fishing across the state with our Montana fly fishing guides.


  • The Yellowstone River and other freestone rivers near Bozeman, MT come into shape and offer some of the best dry fly fishing of the year. Strong hatches of stoneflies make for great opportunities to catch wild trophy trout and fly fishing that is well suited for beginner and seasoned anglers alike.
  • Flows on our smaller rivers off the beaten path are ideal for floating and make for truly memorable days on the water.
  • All of our rivers are fishing well, which makes July the best time to fly fish in Montana for anglers wanting to experience the greatest diversity of water and trips.


What to Expect

July is summer fly fishing at its finest in Montana. Anglers can expect consistent weather, great hatches, and great fly fishing through the month of July. Never fly fished in Montana? July is the best month to start your Montana fly fishing journey.

Dry fly fishing is at its best in July in Montana, with all of our blue ribbon rivers boasting great hatches and favorable conditions. Close to Bozeman, MT our freestone rivers offer anglers the opportunity to enjoy some of the best stonefly hatches in the country. The fishing is often fast paced, filled with action, and offers some of our highest catch rates of the year. On the Missouri River and other rivers close to our Missouri River Basecamp, strong hatches of caddisflies and mayflies make for excellent conditions to fly fish.

Hard to imagine a better time and place to fly fish than July in Montana. It truly is as they say: it’s summertime and the living is easy.


Where to Fly Fish in July

All of our Montana rivers are fishing well in July. So it’s dealers choice. No bad decisions to be had. Our Montana fly fishing guides are eager to enjoy the great fly fishing on the freestone rivers near Bozeman, MT in July, particularly the Yellowstone River.

Run-off generally lasts through June on the Yellowstone, and on high water years into July, but as soon as flows drop below 10,000 CFS anglers can count on some of the best fly fishing of the year. The Yellowstone River holds a special place in our hearts. We consider it the top river to fly fish in Montana. July on the Yellowstone River is freestone fly fishing at its finest for wild trout eager to rise to a well presented dry fly. This type of fly fishing is both a great introduction for beginner anglers and rewarding for seasoned anglers.

Anglers can also count on the Madison River, Missouri River, Blackfoot River, Gallatin River, and the rest of our Montana rivers to fish well through the month of July in Montana. Float fishing is generally the most productive on our larger rivers, but great wade fishing opportunities can be had on our smaller streams, spring creeks, and in Yellowstone National Park. If you are planning a Montana fly fishing trip and want to experience the widest range of rivers and trips, July is the best month to fly fish in Montana.


July Fly Fishing Tactics

Dry fly fishing is king in Montana during the month of July. Strong hatches make for all day conditions to fish dry flies on all of our Montana rivers. Soul fishing at its finest.

On the Yellowstone River strong hatches of stoneflies, including salmonflies and goldenstones, keep our wild trout on the feed and eager to rise to giant dry flies throughout the day. #2-#8 dry flies will bring even the largest of trout on the Yellowstone River to the surface, particularly early in the month when hatches are the strongest. Our Montana fly fishing guides can recall many days on the Yellowstone River where anglers have fished a single dry fly from put in to take out and had action throughout the day.

At times tying on a nymph dropper or fishing a tandem dry fly rig proves to be productive or even necessary. Streamer fishing early in the morning and late into the evening can produce some of the largest brown trout of the year.

Anglers can expect similar tactics to work on our other area rivers. Dry fly imitations of stoneflies #2-8, caddisflies #10-16, and mayflies #12-16 work well throughout the month of July on the Madison River. Nymphing is also exceptionally productive on the Madison River during July, with classics like prince nymphs and pheasant tails producing consistent results. On the Missouri River anglers can count on great sight fishing opportunities with both caddisflies and Pale Morning Dun (PMD) mayfly hatches keeping the Missouri River trout looking up throughout the day.


July Fly Fishing Trips

July fly fishing in Montana is well suited for anglers of all skill levels planning a Montana fly fishing trip. Seasoned anglers will be rewarded with some of the best dry fly fishing of the year and opportunities at wild trophy trout on the Yellowstone River, Madison River, and Missouri River. Beginner anglers will find favorable learning conditions on all of our rivers and great fly fishing to be had each day.

We offer our widest range of fly fishing trips in July. Beyond our popular lodging packages, custom trips, and day trips offered throughout the year, we also offer Overnight Trips and Adventure Trips during the months of July and August. Summertime make for consistent conditions optimal for riverside camping and venturing well off the beaten path.

July is many of our anglers’ favorite month to fly fish in Montana. While we can generally accommodate Montana fly fishing trip bookings with just a few days notice, many of our Montana fly fishing guides book well in advance. Booking 4-6 months prior is recommended for best guide and lodging availability for July fly fishing trips.

Contact us to learn more about Montana fly fishing in July and to book your next Montana fly fishing trip.