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Bozeman Fly Fishing Summary

We are in the full swing of the fly fishing season here in Bozeman, MT and anglers have found great fishing with the recent cool weather trend. Flows have dropped on many of our local rivers, allowing for a window of opportunity to take advantage of late-spring fishing before the inevitability of runoff strikes again. Dry fly fishing has been excellent on the Missouri River, Madison River, and our Paradise Valley Spring Creeks with March Browns, BWOs, caddis, and midges keeping the fish looking up on a daily basis. May is one of the best time of year to find big brown trout rising on the Missouri River before they have been educated. Flows will rise again before they drop for good in 2019, but no better time to hit the river while flows are down, rivers are clear, and fish are rising!

Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

The main event in the Montana fly fishing world from now through the end of May. Anglers joining us at our Missouri River Basecamp this year will be treated to truly great days. Thick hatches, excellent nymphing, and flows below 9000 CFS have made for rock solid fly fishing conditions. No bad place to go on the river right now, fishing has been great from top to bottom. Nymphing classic spring water 5-8′ deep has proved consistent day in and day out. Strong mid-morning hatches of March Browns and BWOs make for reliable dry fly fishing through the afternoon. A good drift is more important than the perfect fly right now. Put it on their nose and let them eat it.

Madison River Fly Fishing Report

The Mother’s Day Caddis hatch is all but gone for 2019 on the Madison River, but the fish have been trained to look up and will continue to eat a well presented caddis, march brown, or BWO through the end of the month. Flows have been all over the place, and the Upper Madison has started to go through pulse releases from Hebgen Dam. Good for long term health, but can affect the fishing day-to-day. The Lower Madison will be the more consistent bet with the usual fare of crayfish, worms, lightning bugs, PTs, and prince nymphs getting it done for the nymphing crew. The dry fly bite has been solid from mid-morning on. Late May can be an awesome time for streamer fishing with fish eager to pick up larger meals with the higher flows.

Yellowstone River Fly Fishing Report

The Yellowstone River is in the full swing of runoff. A committed angler willing to fish the foam holes could probably muster up a fish or two, but better left for July. When will the Yellowstone River fish this summer? Probably the first week of July. But could be the last week of June. Or mid-July if the snow keeps coming and temps stay cool. We’ll keep you posted.

Paradise Valley Spring Creek Fly Fishing Report

The Paradise Valley Spring Creeks will be as reliable as it gets for fly fishing in Bozeman now through the end of runoff on our local, larger rivers. BWOs and midges will be the name of the game until PMDs get going in early June. Rod availibility is still good through the end of the month. Treat yourself to a day on DePuy’s, Armstrong’s, or Nelson’s Spring Creek and enjoy a truly unique experience.