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Montana Fly Fishing in February

Disclaimer: February fly fishing in Montana is full on winter fly fishing. Cold hands and feet are a guarantee. Anglers fly fishing in February should expect temperatures well below freezing, snow, and often tough angling conditions.

Anglers should expect challenging but rewarding fly fishing in February. While winter weather is tough, high pressure systems make for often favorable conditions and good fly fishing throughout the winter in Bozeman, MT. We would not recommend planning a Montana fly fishing trip during the winter months, but if you find yourself in Bozeman and want to go fly fishing there are options.

Winter fly fishing trips are a great “off day” activity for skiers at Big Sky Resort or Bridger Bowl. Fly fishing on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks and the Gallatin River can be great when conditions are right. We encourage anglers interested in February fly fishing trips to contact us for more information.




What to Expect in February

Anglers should expect winter conditions throughout the month of February in Montana. Cold temperatures and snow are to be expected. High pressure systems often make for warm and clear conditions, best suited for fly fishing. Anglers that have the flexibility to pick and choose their dates to fish will enjoy the best fishing.

Good gear is a must for winter fly fishing. Gore-tex waders and outwear matched with quality insulation layers are recommended. Staying dry is the key to staying warm.


Where to Fly Fish in February

Anglers should focus their efforts in February on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks and the Gallatin River in Montana. Both offer the great fly fishing throughout the winter, when conditions are right.

Near-constant temperatures and flows on the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks make for reliable angling even during the toughest of weather. The quality of fly fishing will only be limited by what you, as the angler, can handle. The Gallatin River runs ice-free through all but the coldest of weeks. The best fly fishing will be found downstream of Big Sky in the Gallatin Canyon.


February Fly Fishing Tactics

Nymphing will be the most productive tactic for fly fishing in Montana in February. Stonefly nymphs, midges, and worms will be the most productive. Flashy and brightly colored patterns will induce strikes.

Anglers should focus on deep, slow runs. Our trout group up in the runs during the winter months and anglers should expect to find multiple holding in each hole. Patience will be rewarded, take your time and work each run diligently.


February Fly Fishing Trips

Winter fly fishing trips with the Montana Angling Company are the best way for anglers to enjoy fly fishing in Feberaury in Montana. Anglers in Bozeman, MT will enjoy great fly fishing, pending favorable conditions, with our professional fly fishing guides. Anglers interested are encourage to contact us to learn more about winter fly fishing trips.