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April 2020 Fly Fishing Overview

A lot of uncertainty in the air as we move into April 2020. Our thoughts go out to everyone during these hard times. We are hoping recently put into place shelter in place orders are able to bring about positive change in the near future and we are all able to get back to living soon. Be well and stay safe.

Our guided fly fishing trips are on hold until at least 4/10/2020 when the Montana shelter in place and closure of non-essential business directive expires. We are still open and available to book trips and talk fishing. In the meantime, local anglers will still be able to get out and enjoy some great fly fishing. We would encourage all anglers to exercise caution and follow all CDC and State guidelines if they do choose to go outside.

Things we can count on in April: strong hatches of Blue Winged Olives (BWOs), solitude on the water, and quality dry fly fishing throughout April on our rivers in Bozeman, MT. The BWO hatch is the kick-off to the Montana spring fly fishing season. Anglers will find plenty of rising fish on the Yellowstone River, Madison River, and Missouri River throughout the month on a daily basis. Calm and overcast days will make for the best fishing. April fly fishing can be as good as it gets, but it’s good time of year to be the last one on the water. Have that extra cup of coffee, get out late, and stay out late.

Skwala stoneflies will also be on the menu through the month of April. Anglers that know when and where to look for them will be rewarded. By the end of the month we can expect the Mother’s Day Caddis hatch to kick off on the Madison River.

Nymphing will remain the most productive tactic most mornings. Streamer fishing will improve as water temps rise throughout the month. Dry fly and dry-dropper fishing will make for some exciting afternoons.

Our Spring Guide Trip Specials run through the month of April. It is anyone’s guess at this point if we will be back in business before the end of the month. If we are, we look forward to some great days on the water with our anglers. If not, then we will hope to see everyone in May. We are all in this together: stay local, stay apart, stay safe, and we will all be back on the water soon.