Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appropriate gratuity for a guided fishing trip?

Appropriate gratuity for a full day trip is $100-150 per guide and for a half day trip $75-100. Our guides rely on tips to offset their daily expenses of gas, lunch, river shuttle, tackle, and flies. All of our guides will work hard for you and appreciate your gratuity in return.

What is included with a guided fly fishing trip?

A guided fly fishing trip with the Montana Angling Company includes expert guiding and instruction on one of Montana’s best rivers or lakes, local transportation, non-alcoholic beverages (you may bring your own alcoholic drinks), use of rod/reel, tackle, flies, river shuttle, and a nice streamside lunch (Full day only).

What is NOT included with a guided fly fishing trip?

A guided fly fishing trip with the Montana Angling Company does NOT include guide gratuity, Montana or Yellowstone National Park Fishing license, private water rod fees, personal accessory gear (hat, sunglasses, sun gloves, etc.), waders, wading boots, alcoholic beverages, or perfect weather.

What is a normal day of guided fly fishing entail?

A normal day of guided fly fishing with the Montana Angling Company starts the night before your scheduled trip with a confirmation call to finalize all of the particulars of your trip. You will meet your guide at a local fly shop or they will pick you up at your lodging at the set meet time. This can be a great opportunity to get your fishing license(s), stock up on any gear, or pick your guides brain about local fishing knowledge. Generally you will drive to the river with your guide in their vehicle and go fishing. A full day trip is approximately 8-9 hours round trip and a half day approximately 4 hours round trip. After a great day of fly fishing your guide will drive you back to where you met, set your plan for the next day or exchange goodbyes. This is the appropriate time to tip your guide. After your trip you can expect a follow up call or e-mail from the Montana Angling Co. to make sure your trip went great!

When is the best time to come fishing?

Whenever you can make it! But to break it down simply March, April, May, October, and November you can expect no crowds, great fishing, but variable weather. June, July, August, and September crowds can be heavier but fishing is great (especially the dry fly bite) and weather is generally reliable. We have put together a fishing calendar that addresses all things fly fishing in Montana you may want to consult for more detail here.

What is your booking process?

  • We come up with your perfect Montana guided fly fishing trip. This could be a 10-day stay on multiple rivers fishing all the best trout water in Montana for some or a half-day angling adventure for others, but includes the where you are going to fish, the when you are going to fish, the how are you going to get here, and the where you are going to stay. The outfitter personally handles this part, you talk to him, come up with a plan, and he makes it happen.
  • After we finalize your trip plans we will e-mail you a summary of your fly fishing trip with the Montana Angling Company. This e-mail also will include a quote for your trip and if it all looks good we will send you an invoice.
  • For bookings outside of 30 days from the date of your trip this invoice will be for a 50% booking deposit. We will send a second invoice for the rest due the date your trip. For bookings inside of 30 days from the date of your trip this invoice will be for full payment and due at the time of booking. We cannot guarantee any reservation until booking payments are received.
  • After your trip is booked we will send you a confirmation e-mail to let you know we’re set and your Montana fly fishing trip with the Montana Angling Company is on the books. This e-mail will also serve as a final itinerary and include a gear list and some FAQs.
  • We will contact you 1 day prior to your trip to confirm everything again, make any final changes, collect final payments, and get you set for your day of fly fishing with the Montana Angling Company.
  • And finally….Go Fishing! This is the fun part. You, your group, meet your guide and go fly fishing on some of the finest water in Montana.
  • After your trip we always follow up. We love to hear your stories from the day and make sure we did our job well. Your experience is what counts, and we try to do our best to make sure you have your best Montana guided fly fishing yet.

What is your terms/cancellation policy?

For Bookings Outside of 30 days: We take a 50% booking deposit on all trips booked outside of 30 days from the date a guided trip is scheduled. The remaining balance is due the day before a scheduled trip. Final payment must be received prior to services rendered. This deposit is refundable less a $75 processing fee for cancellations outside of 30 days from the date a guided trip is scheduled. Cancellations made within 30 days of the trip will result in full payment.

For Bookings Inside of 30 Days: We take full payment up-front on all bookings made inside of 30 days from the date a guided trip is scheduled. This payment is due at the time of booking. Cancellations made within 30 days of the trip will result in full payment.

For All Bookings: Deposits are taken for all parts of a trip the Montana Angling Company accepts payment for. This includes: guided trip fees, lodging fees, equipment expenses, and etc. Guide trip fees are fully refundable less a $75 processing fee at any time if the booked guide can be rebooked on the same date. Changing the date you are booked is the same as cancelling and re-booking a separate trip. All cancellations must be given by written notice, either e-mail or by mail. The date a written cancellation notice is electronically received or postmarked will be considered the date of cancellation. Trips may be cancelled at the discretion of the Montana Angling Company, its outfitter, or its guides at any time and deposit fully refunded due to conditions that jeopardize client and/or guide safety, federal and/or state closures, or other uncontrollable circumstances. We make no exceptions to our booking and refund policy and encourage clients to purchase trip insurance if concerned about the possibility of cancellation. For more information regarding trip insurance please visit or a provider of your choosing.

What gear should I bring on my guided fishing trip?

Please refer to our Gear List for more information.

How much are Fishing Licenses/Permits and where can I purchase one?

All information regarding Montana Fishing Licenses can be found at Montana fishing licenses can be purchased online at They are also available to purchase at most local fly shops.

All information regarding Yellowstone National Park fishing permits can be found at under “Fishing Regulations”. They are available to purchase in person at many local fly shops.

What rivers, lakes, and streams do you all offer guided trips on?

Please refer to our guided fly fishing offerings for more detail, but we offer guided fly fishing trips all across Montana and Yellowstone National Park. This includes the Yellowstone River, Missouri River, Upper Madison River, Lower Madison River, Gallatin River, Boulder River, Stillwater River, Big Horn River, Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, private lakes, private small streams, and all of the streams/rivers of Yellowstone National Park.

Where should I stay? Where are the best places to eat?

We have compiled a list of recommended lodging and restaurants that can be found here. Please give us a call at 406-579-9553 for personal recommendations or ask your guide, they are always good for a local watering hole or two.

What should I wear on a guided fly fishing trip?

Great question! Every angler should come prepared with sunglass, hat, and suitable clothing and footwear everyday. In the Spring/Fall this means dressing warm in quick drying layers. Bring waders, wading boots, good rain gear, gloves and a warm hat. During the summer this means dressing cool in sun protective lightweight fishing clothes. I like long sleeves, pants, and river (wet wading) shoes. For some this means a tank top and bathing suit. BUT ALWAYS BE PREPARED FOR INCLEMENT WEATHER. I have seen it snow every month of the year. Keep an eye on the forecast as your trip nears and pack accordingly.

Are there activities for non-anglers in the area?

Yes! Montana is a hub for anglers from all over the world but also has lots of offerings for the non-angler. Between National Parks, scenic wild spaces, great restaurants, tons of microbreweries, hot springs, and wildlife sanctuaries, there is something for everyone. We can help you book all sorts of non-angling adventures including interpretive natural tours, horse pack riding, white water rafting, hiking, photo tours, and more. Don’t leave the non-angler behind on your next trip to Montana!

What is the best airport to fly into?

If you are staying in Bozeman, MT or the surrounding area (Livingston, Ennis, etc.) during your stay flying in/out of the Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is your best option. There are direct flights available from many larger domestic airports including Dallas TX, Denver CO, Salt Lake City UT, Seattle WA, Chicago IL, Las Vegas NV, Minneapolis MN, Phoenix AZ, Portland OR, Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Los Angeles CA, San Francisco CA, and New York NY.

If you are staying in Craig, MT or the surrounding area it is usually best to fly into the Helena Regional Airport in Helena, MT or the Great Falls International Airport in Great Falls, MT. Both are close to Craig, MT and fly fishing the Missouri River.

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