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Bozeman Fly Fishing Report Overview

A lot has changed in Bozeman, MT since our last Montana fly fishing report in mid-April. Montana is open for business, COVID-19 cases are under control, and the new life of spring has finally arrived. Things are starting to get back to normal.

Our Montana fly fishing guides are back to work and have been busy this past week with Local Trip Specials going out daily. Now thru 5/17 we are offering discounted rates for local anglers and out-of-staters that have met the 14-day self quarantine travel requirements. Great time to get out and explore your own back yard with our professional guides.

As for the fly fishing, our guides and anglers have enjoyed some great days on the Missouri River, Paradise Valley Spring Creeks, and the Madison River as of late. Looking forward these will continue to be the best options through the end of the month. May means great hatches of Blue Winged Olives (BWOs), midges, and caddisflies on our waters, but also annual spring run-off on our freestone rivers.

The Yellowstone River, Gallatin River, Jefferson River, and other freestones are running high and muddy now. Will they clear anytime soon? Maybe for a day here or there but at this point we would write them off until late-June.

The Mother’s Day Caddis hatch has arrived on our local rivers in Bozeman, MT. The hatch is in full swing on the Madison River and has made for some fun afternoons and evenings full of rising fish willing to take a fly. Want to get in on the action? Our guides are on standby, ready and willing to go to work.

We are hopeful that the 14-day self quarantine restrictions on out-of-state travelers will be lifted before the summer season. In the meantime, please be in touch with any questions or concerns and to coordinate future fly fishing trip plans. Explore our trip offerings, meet our guides, and learn more about Montana fly fishing trips with the Montana Angling Company.


Missouri River Fly Fishing Report

Nymph-o-mania on the Missouri River right now. Our guides and anglers have been enjoying consistently good days. Sowbugs, scuds, and midges are king on the upper river from Holter Dam to Craig. Fish them deep in slow water for the best results. Further downstream the fare has been more varied with annelids, BWO nymphs, and crayfish also on the table. Lots of bugs on the water but few fish rising. Traffic on the river has increased, but still a far cry from normal years. Anglers will find tougher fishing but total solitude in the canyon and beyond.


Paradise Valley Spring Creek Fly Fishing Report

As good as it gets right now and the best choice for a Montana fly fishing trip for anglers in Bozeman, MT. While the fishing on the Spring Creeks is always technical, the trout have been forgiving as of late. Good hatches of midges and BWOs have kept them on the feed. Nymphing has been productive throughout the day and dry fly fishing has been available on a daily basis for those willing to work for it. Several of our guides are dedicated spring creek specialists and are available to show you the ropes to spring creek fishing. Plenty of open rods on DePuy Spring Creek, Armstrong Spring Creek, and Nelson Spring Creek, give us a call and we can get you booked.


Madison River Fly Fishing Report

The Mothers Day Caddis hatch has arrived! The bugs are thick and trout are on the feed. No rush to get to the river as it has been an afternoon and evening affair. The lower Madison River will have the bulk of the pressure but also the thickest hatch. It is a dry fly fishing experience that can’t be missed. #14-18 tan caddisflies should have you covered. Look for rising fish up against the banks and in slower runs. As fun as it gets out there.


Yellowstone River Fly Fishing Report

Blown out for now. Will it clear again or has runoff arrived? Hard to say, but with warm temperatures in the forecast it may be late-June or early-July before the Yellowstone is worth fly fishing again. The Mothers Day Caddis hatch is going off, but hard for the fish to eat them when they can’t see them.


Gallatin River Fly Fishing Report

See above.